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Tom Buchanan was a gift provided to me while I was working on a book about my family.  

His job as a 'ghost writer' was much harder than I'm sure he was anticipating as I was a definite novice to the writing process.  With each step he led with kindness and patience yet also with an insistence and expectation of completing the book to a higher level than I originally felt I was capable of.

Thank you Tom, you became my friend during this process and I sincerely appreciale the professionalism and dedication you provided.

              Deneen Ducharme  


Writing Services


Everybody has an amazing story to tell and it should be written down for posterity. Imagine your children and your children's children sitting down decades after you have passed on and being able to hear your story in your words.  A legacy that brings you back to life in their minds forever.  This is the stuff that legends are made from.

Tom is an experienced ghost writer and author for people who want to tell their story.  Whether it's to preserve the history of your business or your personal family history, Tom is the person that will transcribe it to paper and publish it properly, quickly, professionally and completely.

His beautifully crafted books and supporting photographs, either original or restorations, tell the story as it should be told for maximum impact and entertainment of the reader.  

Give Tom a call at 403 634 8801 or send him a note at for a comprehensive quote on your project.  You will not be disappointed.

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