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Gifts for all Occasions:

Whether it is a gift for a loved one or something for a cherished friend or colleague retiring or even a Christmas or other religious occasion, a beautiful photographic gift is always appreciated and lasts a lifetime.  


That old box of cherished prints in the closet that show your world as it was often contains something you would like to display on your wall.  We can restore it to it's original beauty and print it for you in any size.

Scanning Old Photos:

We all have a box that contains film from years ago.  The prints have long since faded or become damaged in the photo albums.  We can scan that film and turn it into digital copies for printing or using in a family slideshow.

Artist Services:

Are you an artist?  Do you need to reproduce your work digitally for submission purposes?  I can help. Whether it is cropped slides or perfectly reproduced digital copies, I have the ability to do it right.  Colours are accurate and properly produced images will show your work as it really is.  Look at our price list under Copy Work for details.