Either returning an original to life after years of improper storage or creating a new image from the original negative that was badly damaged or flawed as above, I will do it for you.  Bring those images back and recreate the feeling of reaching back into yesteryear and life as you knew it.  Every image is unique and requires very special techniques to repair it.  If you need something special, I can colourize your old photographs.   Our rates are simple.  We charge $20 per high resolution scan. Twenty or more scans receive a 15% discount.  The cost for a complete restoration begins at $65.  Colourization starts at $95 for an undamaged image. Ask for a quote.

Light leaking into the camera nearly destroyed this vintage image on a 4x6 black and white negative taken around 1928.

Using specialized techniques and research on the vehicle we were able to reconstruct the image from the original.

An old photo from the 1920's showing some significant light leaking in the lower left corner

The same photo restored and colourized.

We do Scanning and Restorations

For those precious slides and 35mm film that you have in the closet, bring them to us and get them turned into a permanent record of memories of yesteryear.

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