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Hi there,  It comes as no surprise that things are shutdown at TBP right now in terms of the pandemic and the stay at home orders from our various governments.  So what are we doing about it, you ask?  Well, actually quite a bit.  I'm not in the studio at this time and it is likely that it will not be opening anytime soon.  Alternatives have had to be found in order to serve my clients and so we have been putting this website together both as an upgrade, but more importantly as a way to plan out the next step for us.  It has been an interesting process and a continuous learning curve that just seems to get steeper and steeper as time goes on.  So what is the plan so far?

1.  We are pivoting our business over to be an on-line portal for our students.  

2. We are going to make it a subscription based business for the teaching part of it so that our students can log in and get the content they want through a monthly subscription instead of a one time price.

3. We are going to create an initial Founding Members group that will get all of my content that I release every month for that subscription price.

4. The Foundings Members price will only be available for those people that sign up within 24 hours of the launch date afterwhich the price will increase.

5. All my courses will be available and special webinars will be provided as well using video conferencing software.

The launch will be soon so stay tuned and share with your friends what it is we are doing.

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