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 The Lightroom User Interface:
The Lightroom’s user interface is laid out to encourage a logical and thus faster workflow. In other words, it has been carefully designed to make it faster to edit your images in a logical step by step process. Lightroom is designed to lead you through the process. Let’s have a look:
This is a capture of Lightroom on my computer screen. It will look a bit different on a PC compared to a Mac, but not much and the functionality is identical. Regardless of which platform you use. Let’s look at the Lightroom workspace or panels that are on the interface. There are five areas to examine.
The Preview Panel: The first and the most visible one is in the middle which is called the Preview Panel. It is shown as thumbnails right now of all the images that you are working on at this time. This is referred to as Grid
View. If you double click on any of the
thumbnails it will open up the Loupe
View which gives you a larger image to
examine. This is called the Fit view.
As you can see the image is a full sized
one now. If you want to look at it
without all the clutter simply press the
“L” key on your keyboard and it will blacken out the rest of the screen to help you focus on the image only. This is a great feature for showing your photographs to others and allows you to present them in a cleaner look. If you put your cursor over the image, click on it you will be taken from a normal Fit view to a 1:1 view that you can move around on the screen to examine
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