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 In Conclusion:
We have talked about a lot of things in this little book and it should serve as a ready reference for the basic concepts that we have been outlining whenever you need it. Lightroom is a great program for photographers whether you are an old pro or a newbie and it provides you with a powerful tool to work on photographs and make them the way you want them to look.
Many photographers proudly toute the notion that only what comes out of the camera is right and that it is “Natural Photography” meaning that it hasn’t been processed. I meet them all the time and they usually are people that have little to no understanding of what the actual image looks like coming out of their camera. More often than not they are shooting JPEG because they have no way to display their images in RAW because they refuse to use image editing software. I always laugh when I hear that, because JPEG is processed inside the camera already, so any resemblance to what was actually seen by the camera sensor was modified by some guy in Japan who put the JPEG algorithm into the camera in the first place. In fact when you look at the back of your camera display it shows that processed in JPEG photo in most cases. However, to each his own. I for one will continue to use the best tools I can find to make my images better. It is no different than the work you put into capturing the picture in the first place. It takes talent and education to get it right. You need to be in the right place at the right time. You need to understand your tools in order to get the most out of your creative art.
Using tools that bring to life your images such as Lightroom Classic CC will allow you to be that guy in Japan and to create your own art that is totally unique and yours. Take time to practice with your camera and use Lightroom to turn it into something special. You deserve it and so do your images,
Happy shooting, Tom A. Buchanan
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