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 The Track Gallery has made the cells the exact same size as the images loaded so you don’t get the cropping problem that you had in the Square Gallery. A great improvement indeed.
So how does the person looking at the site look at a full sized image? Just click on them and they will become a Slideshow. On each side of the display is an arrow that you can use to
navigate through the show as well. You now have something that you can put on your website to display your images the way you want to. But wait, there’s more. You can name the site by going into Site Info and put the Author’s Name on it and even your personal or company URL. You can change the Background Color to something you want and even change the Text and Icons Colors. In the Appearance Section you can change the size of the thumbnails by changing the Row Height and choose a Row Spacing as well. Right below that is where you can select the type of information you want to have on each image in terms of Labels or Captions and finally under Output Settings you can select the Quality of the Large Images and choose the Captions you want to display under Metadata. Then look at whether or not you want to display Watermarking and then select the type of Sharpening you would want to see.
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