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 The Web Module:
The final and one of the most useful modules in Lightroom Classic CC is called the Web Module. It allows you to create beautiful Web pages that can be used to either send out to friends and clients directly or can be embedded into your own web page. It is a great way to show your pictures in an organized way electronically on the Web. It comes with Templates galore and the ability to customize your settings to get just what you want to show. The versatility of this module is wonderful. Let’s create a web page.
Choose the Collection you want from the left hand column and then at the top of the right hand column you will see this Layout Style: You have four that you can choose from that come with Lightroom, Classic Gallery, Grid Gallery, Square Gallery and Track Gallery.
Lightroom Classic CC Basics 82
This is the Classic Gallery and we have chosen a Template for it called Stationery.
You will notice that it has nine cells on it and a number of pages. This is the default number of cells in the Classic Gallery.

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