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 The Print Job: Now we finally get to where we can print our photos. If you want to print your final prints make sure you uncheck Draft Mode Printing. This is a low resolution print mode that will provide you with less than ideal prints. Because you have already chosen your printer above, let’s move on to Print Resolution. I usually
have an high quality Epson Printer attached to my system for museum quality prints, and because of that the ideal Print Resolution is 300ppi.
What is the Difference PPI/DPI
A very confusing topic indeed. PPI usually refers to the number of pixels per inch on a computer screen. DPI usually refers to the number of dots of ink per inch on a print. When we print, we will specify the size of the image we want to print and will specify how high a resolution we want that image to be in terms of pixels. It simply means that if your printer prints at 300 DPI then 300 dots per inch will be printed up to the size you need for that printer. Some printers use more, some less. Most commercial printing houses want to see a minimum of 300 PPI. If you choose to send it to them instead of printing it yourself.
The Print Adjustment checkbox allows you to vary the brightness and contrast of the print job, That is something you would seldom do if you have watched your Histograms and made sure you have a propery adjusted image in terms of Exposure. All you have to do now is double check your settings and hit Print and your masterpiece will arrive on the printer.
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