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 more precisely. Note that to be able to adjust the sizes you will need to uncheck the Lock to Photo Aspect Ratio.
Page: Under the Page section you can change the color of the background to whatever you wish it to be. This is a great way to highlight your pictures and give it some contrast off the back of the page. Using the Identity Plate on a Custom Layout is sometimes something you will want to do. You can adjust where it shows up and its size easily by just moving the sliders and at the same time adjust the Opacity. If you Render behind the image the Identity Plate will be behind the
images. Make sure you make enough of the Identity Plate visible to be able to read it. By the way you an rotate the Identity Plate by using the little degrees window beside the word Identity Plate. If you Render on every image, it will put the Identity Plate in the middle of each photo. Watermarking will put a logo or other information on the image as well. Cut Guides show up on the print where you would normally cut the edges if
you were breaking it down into individual prints. I usually leave that selection off.
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