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 A Word About Workflow
You often hear photographers talk about Workflow. What the heck is workflow when it comes to photography, you ask? For a professional photographer, workflow is the process that you follow to work on your photos and keep it moving to a final image and finally the presentation of those images to the client. In other words, it is a way to process the pictures you have taken from the time you take the picture to the end of it and you give the final product to the customer. That workflow is there to keep quality control consistent with what you say you are going to provide.
So how does that play with the amateur photographer? Exactly the same way. Here is a twelve step process at a high level to look at:
Step 1: Take the photographs
Step 2: Upload the photographs
Step 3: Rename them to something meaningful so you can find them later
Step 4: Back them up
Step 5: Put them into a unique folder
Step 6: Keyword the photos
Step 7: Put the uploaded photos into a unique Collection in Lightroom
Step 8: Sort them by flagging and what you want to do with them and their quality Step 9: Do develop work in Lightroom Develop Module
Step 10: Create a slideshow for presentation
Step 11: Identify the ones that you want to print or distribute
Step 12: Print the final images and deliver them
Added to this is the step by step workflow that you use to do the developing process. If you are creating a book or a presentation it has steps that you will include as well, but the basics are included in the 12 steps above.
So that wasn’t so hard to do was it? If you consistently use a workflow that covers off all the important things to do with your images, you will enjoy working with them more and it will be easier to find things when you go looking. This book will define some tried and true methods that you can use to make your image taking and developing easier and more satisfying. Find your own workflow that works and use it all the time.
Have fun!
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