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 Image Settings: Here are the settings that you can select to work with the packages that are available. It shows on the screen what the borders are and where you have put your pictures which are referred to as Cells. It shows the Rulers and other guides on the page. Snap Grid tells the program whether you want to have a Cell snap to a particular grid or do you want to be free to move it to anywhere you want on the page. I usually leave this off.
Cells: There are a number of different Cell sizes that you can choose from that are predetermined and can be placed on a page wherever you want them by just clicking on them. In
Lightroom Classic CC Basics
the picture to the left you can see that I have taken a 4x6 image and moved it to the bottom of the page where I may want it when I do the final print. You can move those Cells anywhere and resize them to whatever size you need using the handles if you have a specific size of print that is not standard or use the Adjust Selected Cell sliders to do it

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