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 Choosing Your Picture Package: All packages in Lightroom can use convenient Templates which are on the left hand column under Template Browser. Here you will find most sizes of Print Templates that you can use and that will save you time. Let’s assume that you want (1) 5x7 print. You will simply select (1) 5x7. If you want (2) 5x7 prints centered on the same paper, you can select that too. It then
becomes a Picture Package with
two identical prints on the same
page. If you want something
other than the Templates that are
offered you can create your own
by selecting Custom Packaging
and then save it as a new
Template. You can also create
Contact Sheets with the Templates. Contact Sheets are great ways to send proofs to clients so
they can make selections of the ones they want to have printed as final copies. Contact Sheets have been a mainstay in the photographic industry. Lightroom has four basic types of Contact Sheets to choose from. Each one of the images is identified with its name below it or you can choose to have Captions or other Metadata instead printed below the images. You can put an Identity Plate on a Contact Sheet but it is not something that I usually do because it puts it right in the middle of the images.
Lightroom Classic CC Basics

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