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 The Print Module:
Lightroom Classic CC has a very useful Print Module. Whether you want a single print, a contact sheet or create a Print Package, it can do it. You can choose different printers for different print jobs and can customize your Print Packages to suit your particular needs. Lightroom Classic CC has everything you will need to do some incredible prints. Let’s have a look.
Setting up the Printer: The first thing you will
need to do is setup the printer that you are
going to use by going to the left hand column in
Lightroom and go to Print Settings. For
whatever printers you have available on your
computer or network, Lightroom will recognize them and you simply can make a selection. If this is the first time you have used this printer there will be some things you will need to do. Go through your printer manual to setup what you need and save the settings. Now let’s look at the right column and see what trouble we can get into there.
Layout Settings: At the top you will see Layout Style.
Here you can decide on whether you want to create a
Single Image or Contact Sheet. A Contact Sheet is a
print of all the pictures in a Collection that you have
chosen and is often used by clients to decide on
which ones from the session you shot they want in an
album or printed. The next selection is Picture
Package and this is like the school pictures you get
when picture day has happened and you have ordered your prints. All the pictures are identical but come in different sizes. By using the Custom Package option you can create your own Picture Packages that are unique to your needs. This provides the most variety.
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