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 Adding titles to your Slideshow is sometimes a good thing too and the words in them that are presented initially are from your Identity Plate which you can go into at anytime and change. The Identity Plate setup is in the top menu under Lightroom. As you can see I
have changed both the Intro Screen and the Ending
Screen that will be added to the Slideshow. You can
change the size of the text by moving the Scale sliders to the size you wish to see.
Adding Music to your Slideshow is nice if you are going to be showing it to someone and it helps to set the mood for the show they are going to watch. There is lots of Royalty Free music on the internet, but the one that I subscribe to for my music is Kevin MacLeod’s site called He has a huge selection to choose from and by subscribing you will help support his great work. To add music simply click on Music
and then the + sign and choose the music you want to use.
Finally you are ready to configure the Playback part of your Slideshow. You can configure the Slide Length which is the duration each slide shows, Crossfades from slide to slide, Pan and Zoom which adds some motion to your Slides and you can select to have the show repeat or not. You can also create a Slideshow that shows a Random Order of Slides. Press Play to Preview your show and if it is good Create Saved Slideshow at the right top is the way to save it.
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