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 Slideshow Module:
The Slideshow module is easy to work with in Lightroom Classic CC. The results are great and it includes not only beautifully rendered images, but music and captions if you wish. It is an ideal way to show your photos to friends or clients and only takes a few minutes to create. Is it as extensive as some other slideshow software packages? No, but it comes with the Lightroom package and seamlessly integrates with it. Let’s try one.
Opening Slideshow: First go into Library and in a Collection select the images you want to put into Slideshow beforehand by Flagging them with “P”. Then go to Filters Off and click on Flagged. This will only show the ones you have flagged in the viewer. Now go to Slideshow and all the images will be placed into the Slideshow automatically.
On the right hand panel you will find some items that you can
adjust on your Slideshow. Options will open this dialog box. I
always click on Zoom to Fill Frame and sometimes put a
Stroke Border around the images although that only works
effectively if you have Landscape images I have discovered.
Portrait images leaves the lines kind of hanging out to the
sides. There is also a selection called Cast Shadow that I’m
sure some people use but because I am filling the frame it doesn’t make much sense. You won’t see the shadow anyway and I also use a black background so any shadow you put on it will be hidden. I like a simple image display with a black background in my Slideshows.
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