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 using the Page Text feature available on each of the pages. So the results looked like this on that page.
Publishing Your Book: Publishing is as simple as Exporting your Book to Blurb if you are making a Blurb Book and there will be a dialog box come up that you can fill in your account information, and the number of books you want to make, or, in my case this is going to be an e- book so I will publish it as a PDF and distribute it through my website and other places if that is what I want to do. Either way, you will end up with a beautiful product that will be of high quality and it was pretty simple to produce wasn’t it? Enjoy making your first Book using Lightroom Classic CC and your own creative ideas and share with your friends, family and clients the beautiful work you do. I will mention, though, that you will need to go out to Blurb itself to have the covers merged with the PDF output from Book. They’re working on it.
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