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 entered into the Metadata before we went into the Book Module. When you Populate the Book you will see the text included at the bottom of the pages. This can now be changed in terms of Size, Opacity and its Color and the
settings as a Preset and apply them for each page so that you don’t have to change them all individually. You can see the results below after some editing of the Preset. This will speed things up when you are captioning your pictures in your Book.
Adding a Background: The Book Module has a number of Backgrounds available that you can choose from or you can use your own picture as a Background if you like. If you choose one of the available Backgrounds you are able to change its color to whatever you want. In my case I chose this sort of yellow color and applied it to an old time chart on the first page of my Book. Then I added some text to outline what my Book was all about to the same page by
Lightroom Classic CC Basics 73
type of font you want to use and where you want to put it using the Justify controls. You can save your

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