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 that this shows two windows. One shows the left page in the Book and the other is the right. You will notice that the left page is showing that it is blank and that needs to be changed if we don’t want it to be
blank. Choose
Same as the Right
side instead. Now
it will Populate the
Book with pictures
on both sides. If
you click on the
selection above
the Layout
window you will
be able to choose
how many images you want on that particular page. Because it will make the other page the same, you will be able to modify them individually. We have also chosen Add Photo Text which we
want to align with the photo and we can choose which type of embedded Caption we want to use too.
When you have finished your edits Update the Preset and
Save it as a Preset if you want to use it again sometime in another Book.
Populate Your Book: You will have to Clear the Layout back on the right panel again and then use Auto Layout again and it will Populate it again the way you want it to look. The next thing we want to do is to look at the Text that we have wanted to put on each of our pictures. We chose caption – serif because we have captions on every image that we are using that we
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