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 simply copy and paste it into the EXIF field called GPS. Another pretty handy function included with the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC.
The Book Module:
Making your images into a high quality book is pretty easy in Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom has partnered up with one of the highest quality photo book companies in the world called Blurb. Blurb can provide beautifully printed and bound books for reasonable prices and now in Lightroom you can create them easily by using the templates provided. The thing I like about the templates is that they are easily customized to suit what you want to do with them at any time in the process. There is a lot to do in this module so let’s get going.
QUICK TIP: You can use Command A on a Mac or Ctrl A on a PC to select all the images in your group. To deselect them use Command D or Ctrl D and they will all be deselected. If you wish to add an image to a selection use Command Click on a Mac or Ctrl Click on a PC.
Start in the Library Module: Select the images that we want in our book in the Library Module and put them into a suitably named Collection. This will provide you with a convenient place to make your book from. Once they are in their own Collection you can start to click and drag them around to the sequence that you want them in the Book. Identfy the ones you want as the book covers both front and back. If you have not already done any Developing on them, do it now.
Metadata: Go to Metadata and enter the titles of each of your images and the captions you would like them to have. This will be transferred over to your new Book if you choose to use them automatically when you put them into the Book.
Populating the Book: Then Highlight them in the Library Module by selecting them and they will be in the Film Strip on the bottom of the page. If you have selected to have Book populate it automatically then they will be put into it using one of the templates that Book uses. I don’t want to do that so we will make some changes shortly to stop it from doing that.
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