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 The subscription is available by using your credit card or PayPal on a monthly payment plan. You are not locked into it if you want to cancel any time. They make it as convenient as possible and because it is constantly the latest version it takes the worry of wondering if that new camera will be recognized by the Adobe program you are using. In fact, that is one of the major complaints I hear from people who have older Adobe products that have not been upgraded to the newest file formats and they don’t recognize their new camera. That problem is eliminated with Creative Cloud because it is always up to date with the latest and greatest.
Just for the record, you can also buy a download service from places like Staples for a year that will save you a little bit of money over the one charged on line. But make sure it includes Lightroom Classic CC, not just Lightroom CC. It will save you, but then you have to pay it all up front and renew the subscription every year regardless. It gives you another option to explore though.
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