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 The Map Module:
Lightroom Classic CC introduced another way to identify where your images were taken, so another filter so to speak. If your camera has the GPS feature turned on, Lightroom’s Map Module will identify where the image was taken using Map. It uses Location Filters to sort
images according to locations that they were taken and identifies them on the map. If your camera has the GPS functions enabled, the coordinates are stored in the EXIF file in the image file. Although I did not have the GPS functions turned on on my camera (because it doesn’t have GPS functions) I decided to look up the
coordinates of the image I had selected. In this case it was at a Hostel in Managua, Nicaragua. I looked up the coordinates and entered them into the EXIF section in the Library Module and it connected it to the Map Module and shows now where the picture was taken. You can identify the coordinates easily by putting the address of the place into a browser and then
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