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 Another tool on the Effects panel is Grain. Sometimes for artistic purposes we will want to add some Grain to the image. Usually Grain is considered a bad thing for photographers because we are always wanting to eliminate it being created by our cameras. However in this case we can play artist instead and introduce it to an image for effect. First though I want to turn this
into a nearly Black and White picture with muted color. We will do that by using a Preset called BW Sepia Tone. This adds a bit of a brownish tone to it like it is an old photograph. Then we will put some Grain into the picture using the Grain Effect panel. It kind of gives it that 1870’s look
and I like that kinda old time look sometimes.
Calibration: And finally in the Develop Module, you
can choose the version of Lightroom software and
their features if you want to. Calibration shows
how Lightroom has progressed over the years and
how it has added new features and fine tuned others. You can look at that progression and use the older versions if you want to. The Calibration panel allows you to go back in time as if your version of Lightroom is one from that past.
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