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 create a Vignette. However in the Effects section it can be used for the entire image instead and you can create beautifully Vignetted images by using this tool. Let’s have a look at one.
By adding some Post-
Crop Vignetting we
have outlined the
subject with a darker
region to draw the
eye to the subject. There are a lot of things
that you can do when you create a Post-Crop Vignette around the image. By varying the Amount Slider you will be able to choose whether you want a lighter Vignette to the right or darker to the left. By varying the Midpoint you will determine how much Vignette you want to create and its size and by working with Roundness it will determine how symetrically round you want to make it. The Feather slider you will determine how smooth the transition between the Vignetted area is compared to the subject.
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