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 buildings from top to bottom. You can see that the buildings are absolutely straight up and down now, but it has left a couple of white areas where the original image wasn’t wide enough to fill in. Essentially you have made the image wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.
You can adjust the Aspect Slider now to compensate for that as it crops the image. Or you can also click on the Constrain Crop to do the same thing automatically.
Lightroom Classic CC Basics
Here are the results of using the Constrain Crop.
Let’s go back to Basic and clean this up a bit for
a better finished image.
There, that’s better isn’t it?
Effects: Lightroom has some amazing tools available in the Effects section. One of the most used is Vignette. Vignettes are used to highlight certain parts of an image by darkening the areas around it. It causes the viewer to focus on what you want them to. Vignettes have been used in every type of photography from portraiture to Landscapes. We showed how to use the Radial Filter awhile ago to

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