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 There are a number of Sliders that you can adjust for most lenses and it does an excellent job, as you can see, of correcting the lens deficiency for you. The vignette is gone and the edges are all even now.
Transform: The next section on the Develop Module is called Transform. In Photoshop, Transform is used fairly often to change the size of particular parts of an image or complete images when you are working on them. Lightroom Classic CC added it awhile ago and it is used by this program to straighten and change aspects of images that have straight lines such as buildings. When you point your camera towards a building from the ground, perspective takes over and the building appears to lean backwards towards the top. Transform can correct for that sometimes, but not always. Let’s take a look at what it can do.
You will notice how the buildings in this picture of downtown Toronto are all leaning into the distance at the top. There are some automatic tools available in Transform that might take care of this, but I have found it sometimes make things worse. However by clicking on the Auto command it did a pretty good job on it this
time. So lets’ see what the Guided
button does. Click on it and Guided
opens a little magnified window with
a crosshair in it that allows you to
select a spot on a long vertical line and while holding the mouse down drag it down to another spot lower in the image along something that is supposed to be vertical. It requires that you create two reference lines like that to let Lightroom use them to do the job of straightening the
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