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 being used for the adjustment. I usually leave it at 1.0 and the Detail I adjust till it is just on the edge. You will be able to tell as you do the adjusting what is just right for your particular needs.
Lens Corrections: Lenses are pretty good these days, but they still have to be corrected from time to time when they are not perfect for the camera being used. Lightroom Classic CC has built in algorithms that correct many of the common lens problems. For instance, when we look at this image you will notice that the lens being used has a vignette that shows up in each corner. Lightroom’s Lens Correction corrects it by identifying the make and model of lens you
have used by reading the EXIF file for this image. In this photo I used a Canon 24 – 105 – f4.0 L Series lens and as soon as we clicked on it, the corrections were done. You can do it manually too by clicking on Manual at the top. Then just adjust it till the aberation is corrected.
Lightroom Classic CC Basics

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