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 Slider till you just have the edges of your images in white. The mask indicates that you will only be sharpening the highlighted edges. Let’s have a look at some results. This is what the Masking looks like as you are sharpening. The edges are not so soft anymore, but the parts that were masked off are still soft and that is the way we want them. By the way there is no other editing program to my knowledge that does this type of Sharpening except Lightroom Classic CC. It is unique and provides an amazing result that would be much more difficult if not impossible to create in other software. Here is a picture of some flowers in a field that are being sharpened at the end of the Development process. This is what it looks like while using this masking technique.
You will see that only the edges are being sharpened which are the highlighted parts. Because there is very little reason to sharpen the middle of an object, because there are no edges, this is a great way to make only the edges sharp and leave the other parts of the image alone. You can adjust the Radius to whatever you want. It simply identifies the number of pixels that are
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