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 Sharpening: When you create an image in your camera, depending on the quality of your lens, the resolution of the camera and a number of other things, the edges of your images may be a little soft especially if you shoot RAW. It could be caused by a bit of camera shake or perhaps you took the picture with a lower than normal shutter speed. The result is a softness that needs to be Sharpened somehow. When you shoot JPEG the Sharpening is usually done in the camera, however you could still do more if you feel it is necessary. That is where Sharpening comes in. Lightroom has one of the
most effective sharpening tools in the software world combined with noise reduction. Let’s have a look.
It all begins with a thumbnail showing a portion of your image that gives us a closer view. Here you can see the edges of various parts of the image if you click on the little crosshairs symbol in the upper left corner first and then hover over the image. Once you have selected that part you want to use as your sample, move the Sharpening Slider to the right about in the middle of the slider. Then press and hold down the Alt - PC or Option - Mac key and move the Mask
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