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 you use it. Here is a Before and After of a Hibiscus flower that I applied some Split Toning to for the fun of it.
I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s move on to another part of the Develop Module that you will probably use more often.
Detail Section: We are winding down to the end of our Develop Module and near the bottom is the Detail Section where Sharpening and
Noise Reduction resides.
Noise Reduction: Always do Noise Reduction first in an image, before you Sharpen it. Why? Because if you Sharpen first, it will also Sharpen any noise that exists in the photo and it will be harder to remove later. Look at the picture below of an image that was shot in low light where some noise is present. This image of Alice Cooper at a concert was an extreme example of both both Luminance and Color noise problems because of the low light conditions we were presented with and an old camera body.
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