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 Remember the parrot in the trees at the beginning of this subject? Let’s do some work on him and see if we can make him stand out using the Adjustment Brush. As you can see from the original he has been brought out of the shadows and made to be a bright little fellow again just by using the Adjustment Brush.
HSL/Color Section: The next section is called HSL/Color and deals with Lightrooms ability to modify
colors within your images. It gives you control over every color. It is probably not something you will find yourself doing very often, but it’s here if you need it. This is really considered an advanced feature.
By moving the sliders on each color you will be able to modify them. As you can see there are three areas that you can control with these sliders and when you click on any of them there are additional controls you can use to be more specific in your choices. Hue of course changes the actual color you are working on, Saturation changes the levels of Saturation of any particular color you have selected and finally Luminance provides control over the brightness of those colors.
Split Toning Section: The next section in the Develop module is called Split Toning. This is another advanced
feature that is not used very often except in some cases
where it is needed. It allows you to apply different colors
in the Highlight and Shadow areas of your image. You can get some very peculiar effects when
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