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 The Adjustment Brush: One of the most powerful tools in the arsenal is the Adustment Brush tool. This is the last in the series of tools available in
that top bar. The Adjustment Brush tool can help you mask off areas that need special work done to them and do minute corrections to those masked off areas. There are a number of Sliders associated with this brush that are important to controlling what you are doing. Of course the first is the size of the brush you
are going to be using. Either use the slider to size it or the [ and ] keys. The next is the Feather which tells you how soft you want the transition from full effect of the brush to outside the mask. It can either be very sharp or soft. Then there is Flow, which tells the brush how much of the effect you want to add to your masked off image as you pass over it. This is excellent for just applying different amounts of change to different
parts of the image and building it up by going over it a number of times. And finally there is Density which is very similar to Flow but if you have it set to one particular point in the slider like 50% no matter what you do it will never go more than that as you go over it again whereas Flow can be built up by going over it again. I have never used Density because Flow is a lot more effective for doing fixes on images in my opinion. Here are the things you can control using the Adjustment Brush.
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