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 QUICK TIP: When you double click on a slider, it will return to the middle 0.00 setting.
The Radial Filter: Let’s look at another tool that can help you create some amazing enhancements to your images by selecting parts that you want to enhance of it only. Have you ever looked at a portrait and want to put a vignette around the face to highlight it? You can do that easily in Photoshop by masking it off. Well Lightroom Classic CC has an amazing new tool that was introduced in Version 5 for doing that called the Radial Filter. It works the same way as the Graduated Filter but with a nice twist. It goes from the center of where you place your cursor and expands out. Let’s try one to see how it works. You can see the toolbox associated with this tool is similar to the Graduated Filter with one important exception, it can be moved around and everything outside of the circle or oval that you create is being
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