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 The Red Eye Tool: I don’t often use the Red Eye tool because in most cases I never use an on
camera flash. On camera flashes have the bad habit of shining on the retina in a persons or animals eyes and because they are engorged with blood, they show up as extremely red. The best way to avoid this is to try not to use an on camera flash especially when in a dark room. Dark rooms make the iris on your eyes open up wider and therefore more susceptible to light hitting the retina. The Red Eye tool works very well to get rid of the problem after it has happened, but the best way is to use an off camera flash instead if you have one.
The Graduated Filter: So, let’s use another tool this time in the Basics section. This time we will use the Graduated Filter tool. We will work on a landscape image with a clear sky that is a bit blown out. This is our old friend the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge. It is a perfect candidate for the use of the powerful Graduated Filter tool. When you click on the tool and put the cross hairs at the top of the image and pull down you will see a window open up that reaches across the image from side to side. On the right hand side are some very familiar tool sliders available to make adjustments to the image. It will only affect the top part of the rectangle you have created by pulling down the crosshair with the tool however. It will allow
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