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 need to be removed from dust and other problems on the image. Change the contrast by moving the slider back and forth till you see the spots more clearly. You can see the round dots on the image that indicated where a spot that exists that needs to be removed. Resize the Brush on the tool by using the left [ and right ] bracket keys. Just make the size slightly bigger than the spots you are going to be removing. Change it to Heal mode and click on the spots and they will disappear. This is a great tool to remove blemishes on portraits as well. (Incidentally, I might mention that removing the photographer shadow is beyond the scope of Lightroom Classic CC for the most part and is better done in Photoshop CC instead by using the Patch tool. This is obviously beyond the scope of this book.)
Before we move on to the next tool called Red Eye, we will finish this image off using the other tools in the Develop Module arsenal.
Changing to Monochrome: So the next thing to do to this image is correct the exposure but first because this is a monochrome image, go to the top of the Basic section and change it to Black and White. You will notice that the Vibrance and Saturation sliders have been greyed out now because there is no color information in the image.
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