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 problems. The first thing we are going to do is correct the Angle by using the Cropping tool and then Crop the image. As you can
choose a standard size image that is ready for printing. However there are still things to be done to finish it so let’s move on.
Let’s look at another feature of the Spot Removal tool. Open the tool and look along the bottom of the viewing window and you will see a little checkbox called Visualize Spots. Click on it and you will see the spots that
Lightroom Classic CC Basics 50
see we have removed a lot of clutter around the image by using one of the Cropping tools preset functions for what size of photo we want. I have chosen the 4x5 / 8x10 aspect. Then when you double click on the image it will change into what is shown in the window below.
By using the Cropping tool in this manner you can correct angle, and

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