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 What Does Lightroom Classic CC Provide You?
Lightroom has six modules to it that provide you with everything from organizing and sorting your pictures to developing them and then presenting them as final images in many ways.
The Library Module: The Library Module starts off by giving you the tools to import your pictures. It provides ways to organize those images and name them appropriately and add information to them that is important. Finally, it gives you a way to export the images when you’re finished editing them.
The Develop Module: The Develop Module helps you turn your images into art and to correct them if needed. It gives you ways to enhance your pictures through some of the most powerful editing tools available to photographers.
The Map Module: The Map Module gives you an unique way of identifying where your pictures were taken and gives you a way to search and find them by where they were created.
The Book Module: The Book Module allows you to publish your images in a quality book for distribution. It uses one of the best book design and publishing firms called Blurb to seamlessly create amazing final products that are world renowned for their quality.
The Slideshow Module: Presenting your photos to your family, friends and clients is so important. The Slideshow Module allows you to create beautiful presentations.
The Print Module: Printing the final product in print form adds a permanency to your work. If you are proud of your images, print them using Lightroom’s amazing Print Module.
The Web Module: In this day and age when everything is digital and people share their work on-line more often than not, the Web Module makes it easy to create beautiful web pages of your work. Then share them on your own website.
Now that you have an understanding of what it does, let’s get underway and learn how to use Lightroom Classic CC.
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