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 QUICK TIP: When you are using brushes in any Photoshop program, you can adjust the sizes of the brush simply by using the “[ and ]” keys on your keyboard. This is a very useful trick to remember when you don’t want to move sliders back and forth in dialog boxes.
If you are interested in other keyboard shortcuts available in Lightroom here is a link to them from Adobe: a/lightroom/help/keyboar d-shortcuts.html
They are enormous time savers when editing photographs so I suggest you become familiar with them and use them often.
Let’s use it again on a different image. As you can see there are a lot of problems with this image. There is a shadow from the photographer on the right hand side, it is crooked, there are dust spots all over it, the density needs some work and it could use some cropping to make it a better composition. Let’s see what we can do to remove some of those
Heal mode this time to fix this problem. Simply paint over the area with a large brush and you will smooth everything out completely. The Spot Removal tool is very useful for a lot of things. It is especially helpful to remove such things as dust spots on a photo.
Lightroom Classic CC Basics

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