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 catching the sights? So what to do? Bring it into Lightroom and let’s see if some of those details that you were really looking for were captured by the sensor on the camera. The first thing we want to do is increase the Shadow slider to see if we can recover the darker portion of the image. Wow, that made a big difference didn’t it? Now let’s adjust the Exposure a bit and see if we can improve on that. Now reduce the Highlights to keep the sky from being blown out too much. Ok so now it is looking a bit soft so increase the Contrast by using the Clarity slider to just increase the midtone Contrast slider. The image is on a bit of an angle too so let’s use that trick we used on the inside of the church to correct that. The photo could still use a little cropping to help get rid of that blue Vignette abberation in the upper right corner where the lens on the cheap camera had some fall off or blend it using the Spot Removal tool. Let’s try
that instead of cropping.
Using the Spot Removal Tool: When you click on
the Spot Removal tool a toolbox will open up just
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