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 using that tool. You can also move the Angle slider back and forth to straighten the photo too, but this is more of a course adjustment and you might have to do it several times before you get it just right. Use the Ruler and get it right the first time. Double click on the image and it will be level now.
Correcting the Image Using Other Tools: The image is dark and we know there are a lot of things to add context to the rest of the image in shadow. So not to blow out the highlights when we increase the exposure, we can use the Highlight slider and reduce them down. Then increase the Exposure to bring up some of the shadows. After doing that we will use the Shadows slider and the Whites slider to enhance the foreground further. As you can see we have retained the original colors and brilliance of the windows and now can see the magnificient woodwork of the church in front of those windows too. Just a few enhancements using simple tools and you have created greatly improved this image and its story.
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