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 The Crop Overlay tool has everything needed to make it that particular size. Look at the little dialog box that comes up when you click on As Shot. You can see that there are a dozen or so Aspects that you can choose from in this display.
In most modern DSLR cameras the size of As Shot is 2x3/4x6 but you will notice if you go to Frame these images that frames usually come is other sizes than that. Commonly you will see frames as 8x10 or 5x7 or even 11x14 and then most printer paper that you can buy comes as letter size which is 8.5x11. By changing the cropping of your photo to use one of these common sizes you are assured of being able to find a frame that size. You can
also enter Custom sizes in this area for those other special panoramic images you need or to fit a particular size web site frame.
Here’s an image showing how we
can crop a 4x6 aspect to an 8x10
cropped image. You can see by cropping the image I have been able to remove some clutter and more perfectly show the model in the way that I wanted to see her. This all be undone by simply clicking on the Crop Ovelay tool again if you need to make changes. Crop Overlay is a great way to correct problems with composition in your images and to make them perfect before printing them.
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