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 The Toolbar Tools: We mentioned the Tools above and now it is time to better understand how to use them. As mentioned they are starting on the left the Crop Overlay, followed by the Spot Removal, then the Red Eye Correction, the Graduated Filter, followed by the Radial Filter and finally the Adjustment Brush. Let’s look at each one and see what they do.
The Crop Overlay Tool: The Crop Overlay tool provides a number of different features that will allow you to configure your image in the way you want. It not only provides a way to Crop your image, but also a way to straighten photos that are crooked or taken at an angle. By using the Crop Overlay tool we can
adjust the obvious crooked image quickly. As yoou can see by using this tool it is easy to level your
images. In this case I used the Slider to adjust it. We will use more examples of that part of the tool later in other images.
Often when you want to print an image it will need to be a particular size.
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