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 Adjusting White Balance: The first thing I am going to do is adjust the White Balance by using the Eyedropper tool by choosing a neutral grey spot on the image to correct the White Balance. Another way to determine White Balance is to use the dropdown box that says As Shot and select the White Balance that you think is most appropriate for you picture. After setting your White Balance you can fine tune it by moving the Hue and Tint sliders till you get what you want to see.
Adjusting Highlights, Whites and Shadows: The top right corner of the image has some bright clouds that will be blown out if we increase the Exposure of this pretty dull image, so we are going to reduce the Highlights. Then when we increase the Whites and Shadows it will brighten it up and provide more information in the foreground and distance, but not over blow the Highlights. We might increase the Contrast a bit to see if that helps to sharpen it a bit.
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