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 Let’s Do Some Work: Lets’ do some work using the tools we have looked at so far. The first thing we did with this image of the Pali is correct the White Balance as described above. We chose the Eyedropper tool to do that and chose a part that was a neutral grey in the image.
Let’s Begin: I have chosen this image to show the next section that we want to examine and how we can use the Basic
edits item to enhance the
image. This picture was
taken using a point and shoot camera in January 2001 on the Garden Island of Kauai. It’s pretty dull though and needs work.
Analyze the Photo:
Analyzing the picture’s Histogram we can see that it is fairly well balanced with good exposure. We can see that it is not over exposed or under exposed by the little triangles on the Histogram on the top left and right corner. If you click on the triangles they will turn into little squares that light up when clipping occurs and it will show which portions are affected as well on the full image view. So analyzing the original picture we can see that it could use some brightening here and there. We
will likely Crop this photo as well to better balance it. I will first determine if this is going to be a Color or B/W photo by clicking on either one.
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