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 Clarity: After adjusting everything with the above tools, you will see a panel below that has Clarity, Dehaze, Vibrance and Saturation. I mentioned that there is a better tool available to adjust contrast in your image earlier. Clarity is the one that does this. Clarity adjusts only the Midtones of the image.
Dehaze: Dehaze in new. Often images are kind of foggy looking if taken with inferior lenses or some mist is in the image or something. Dehaze will help with this problem. Dehaze is perfect for those images that have mist in the background or smoke. It will magically bring out the colors that are muted in the distance. Remember thought that it is great for landscapes, but don’t overdo it or try to use it on portraiture. It will just isn’t right for that type of picture. I use Dehaze sparingly.
Vibrance: Vibrance is perfect for bringing out the color saturation within objects because it only works on midtones and not the entire image. Once again it will provide some snap to your image that you can’t get any other way. It is selective saturation and a very effective tool.
Saturation: Saturation will change the amount of color in each hue that is being presented in the image. I don’t often use Saturation for increasing color intensity, but rather to reduce it in the photo if I am going for a particular effect that I want. If you drop the slider down to the bottom you will remove all color in the image and it will become a monochrome one instead. Try doing that rather than choosing B/W when you start editing.
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