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 Workflow Order: There is no particular order that you need to follow, but experience suggests you move from left to right using the tools and from the top to bottom in the different panels we open. Many of the tools you will use a lot. Others not so much and after doing a few edits, you’ll create your own workflow or step by step sequence to follow.
Tone: The Tone selections are the area where you are going to control what your image are going to look like overall. If you picture is under exposed you can adjust the Exposure slider to the right and increase it. If your image is over exposed you can move the slider to the left, but it is important to note that with severly over exposed images, there is very little information left to recover so the results may not be good. Contrast is something that I seldom use in Lightroom or any other program and I will explain why later. You increase the range between light and dark with the Contrast slider, but there is a better way further on to get a better effect in your photos.
Highlights: I often use the Highlight slider to remove some of the brightest parts of the sky that are sometimes blown out or to get rid of Highlights on objects that reflect bright light to soften them. This is a very useful tool and you will find yourself using it quite often. Experiment with it to get different effects in your images.
Shadows: The Shadows slider will bring to life an image that has a lot of information in deep Shadows. It is great to use when you have had some strong backlighting on your subject such as shooting a portrait with the subject with her back to the sun and your fill flash didn’t go off. We will be demonstating how this great tool works as we go through the images we will be working on.
Whites and Blacks: The next two sliders will help you balance the light in your images more effectively and I use the White slider more often than the Black to increase contrast between lights and darks.
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