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 Developing the Image: Let’s move on to the right-hand panel now and get into the meat of the Develop Module. The first thing you will notice about
the right-hand column on Lightroom Classic CC is how similar it is to Adobe RAW if you have ever used it. Adobe RAW works with RAW images right out of your camera and is part of Photoshop. Lightroom Classic CC uses almost identical tools to work with all types of images whether they are RAW, JPEG, PSD, TIFF or others. Of course with formats that don’t have all the features of RAW, some of the White Balance selections are not available. Let’s look at the different parts of this powerful toolbox.
The Histogram: The familiar Histogram is included here at the top of this panel followed by some information about the image right under it. Then there is a checkbox called Original Photo which asks you if you want to make a Smart Preview of the image. Let’s not do that.
The Tools: Under the Histogram we are presented with a number of tools. The first on the left is the Crop Overlay, followed by the Spot Removal, then the Red Eye Correction, the Graduated Filter, followed by the Radial Filter and finally the Adjustment Brush. We will be going through each one in detail as we move through our work on images.
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