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 the Preset view so that you an quickly find the starting point to work on your image. You can see I have chosen a Red Filter in the Classic B/W filter group. This provides a medium contrast, black and white image that is pleasing to the eye and has that classic portrait look that I was looking for. Experiment with all the Preset Filters and see how you can instantly create some amazing effects to your photos in just a few minutes. This look for instance would be great for a series of glamour photos of the same person shot on the same day at the same time.
What is a Snapshot? The next selection on the left-hand side is a very useful tool called Snapshot. It provides a powerful way of making a number of different versions of an image that you are working on and saving those versions so that you can return to them and continue from that point. As you work on the image you can flip back to what it looked like when you took the Snapshot and in addition you can export any of the Snapshots as final images or proofs to your clients showing progress.
History: Snapshots records the History of everything that has happened on that photo from the time that it was first loaded to the the latest edits. You can return to History and look at the things you have done to that image and the progress you have made and you can return to any point in that History to restart from that point on. Let’s have a look at History and then Snapshots to see how this works.
This is the original photograph without anything done to it. Look at the History on this image and you will see that it has just been opened and nothing has been done to it.
Now let’s do some work on it and see how History progresses and how the image develops into something that is useable.
Lightroom Classic CC Basics

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