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 The Develop Module:
The real editing power of Lightroom Classic CC is contained primarily within the Develop module. The Develop module provides an editing engine that allows you to do amazing things fast and easily when manipulating and creating your images. Because it is able to be combined with the synchronizing abilities of Lightroom, it also provides truly exceptional performance improvements over any other way of working with images. Hearing comments like, “I really don’t know how I did this any other way!” is common to hear as is, “My workflow has gone into overdrive because of this program.” “I never realized how easy it could be!” is another comment I have heard. Let’s have a look and learn why.
On the Task bar on the top you will see ,right next to Library, the Develop module. By clicking on this tab the interface will change the left and right contents and provide you with the tools need to do much more than was available in the Library module editing offerings.
QUICK TIP: A really helpful Lightroom setting that will simplify your workflow is called “Solo Mode”. If you right-click on any of the tabs you are being shown, you may see a selection to go to Solo Mode. It simply means that if you go to another tab the previous one that was open will close and remove the clutter from the panel and only open the one you are working with instead. You can open any tab by using the little arrow key.
Using Presets: Along the left-hand panel you will see the familiar Navigator at the top and below it is a new tab called Presets. When you click on it you are presented with a long list of Presets that you can use on your images that are already there for you. Presets cover a huge variety of different looks that you can apply to your images without all the work that would normally go into creating them using the tools on the right-hand panel. They are free from Lightroom and there are thousands of others available for various purposes both for free and to be purchased. Have a look at this website for more Presets - Once you have applied a Preset to an image, you can still go to the right-hand panel and work on it to get the look you are really interested in. For people that need a consistent look for a series of photos, Presets are wonderful to work with. Let’s have a look at some.
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