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 you can see it has a white Flag identified both on the Filmstrip and under the Loupe view. Right beside that there is a series of five Stars. Because I felt that this was an excellent image to include in a portfolio of some of my best images I marked it with five Stars. If it was not one of my best, but was still good enough to use in an article or something I might only apply three Stars to this image. It is entirely up to you as to what you apply to your images.
And finally there is another rating system that uses a Color Label. Right click on the image and you will see a menu item called Set Color Label. This gives you another way to rate your images according to where you might want to use them or to identify their quality.
The ratings can be used to isolate images with Lightroom into
only showing the ones that have ratings. You can do that by
looking at the bottom right of the screen above the Filmstrip and select Filters and choose Flagged or Rated. It certainly makes it easy to find your images later instead of looking for them through them all if you have applied ratings to them beforehand. You have so many options available and if you use them a few times, it will be something you do automatically while working with your pictures.
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